Pastel Vibes

Recently, I had the chance to link with my homie Amari on one of the rare days our schedules aligned. And, since I had just received the recently released Knyew x Sandalboyz slides from my friend in Vegas, I figured it'd be a good opportunity to mix them into an impromptu shoot.

The location we decided on was completely unplanned, which is usually the case when we work. Luckily, after driving around for a while we came across this vintage green truck, across from a house with a interested pastel-pink paintjob - we couldn't pass up the opportunity! Here's the full set from our little adventure. Leave any thoughts in the comments section below.


Shirt: Dope (@Dope)

Slides: Sandalboyz x Knyew (@Sandalboyz // @knyew)

Bracelet: Rastaclat (@Rastaclat)